Like many kids with Asian mothers, Eli was forced to learn piano from an early age. Showing a tendency to ‘improve’ upon the great classical composers, a perceptive teacher put him on the path of jazz and improvisation. Spending most of his high school years figuring out songs by Billy Joel and the Beatles in the school piano room, he then went on to spending most of his university years figuring out Led Zeppelin and Bill Evans in the jazz faculty piano room. 

Racking up several hundred performances a year on cruise ships, an album came out of the experiences which was his diverse 2017 debut, “Ship Life”. With all songs scored by himself, Eli’s next ambition was to learn to record, produce and mix his own music going forward. ‘home skillet’ is his first record as one-man writing, production and mixing team.

Eli has performed around the world, from the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee, to the middle of the South China Sea. A reader, jazzer, writer, producer, he’s a self-sufficient music-making entity, living in New Zealand.

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