“Ship Life” – Debut Album

“Ship Life” is a musical self-portrait, framed as a narrative of my time as a working musician aboard cruise ships. Spanning styles and influences to relate themes of displacement, love, loss and travel, it draws most deeply from my love for the singer-songwriters, super-producers and musician’s musicians of the 70’s.

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I take great joy in collecting CDs and immersing myself in the liner notes, and so designing my album was as personal as finishing the songs themselves. If you’d like to enjoy a physical copy, please email me: elimooremusic@gmail.com

Alternatively, please enjoy the web version of the liner notes below, to complement your digital download.

“Ship Life” album booklet

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Covered by the NZ Musician:

Eli Moore: Ship Life

Thanks to the local folks at Muzic.net for the review!

Also making a little news in the cruise industry. Hopefully more to come